RSL News 12/12/17

RSL Gas reclaim system - RSL will credit you for re-usable gas.

Later you may buy back the reclaimed gas banked for you.


Its the right thing!

Up to now the costs, below, made it impossible to give back credit on any reclaimable gas.

  • Special hazardous road transport. Driver Hazchem training.
  • Hazardous storage and associated licenses,
  • shipment by special lorries on designated ferries by TFS licence
  • Large expensive bond lodged with authorities.
  • These costs and difficulties have increased but the price of Virgin gas has rocketed, as we all know.
  • Taking back through N.Ireland is illegal and proof of proper destruction or reclaim cannot be produced to EPA when requested.
  • Gas collected in N. Ireland will be also be creditable.
  • So, credits for reclaim on many gases are now viable.
  • Properly, certified, reclaimed R404A/507 may be used for service right up to 2030.

How it works?

As before with gas for destruction:

  • RSL sell you an empty sealed cylinder, 7, 20, 50 or 500 kg - Max Fill.
  • This includes the price for any destruction that might be necessary & 6 months cylinder rental.
  • RSL take back,store then return to UK or European site. No reclaim site in Ireland North or South.
  • It is weighed, tested and amount for credit released to RSL.
  • We will then credit your account with the cash.
  • We will also send you the required certificates etc

Possible issues!

Experience is that of all refrigerant gas returned to now from Ireland over 90% was reclaimable.

  • Moisture, OIL, dirt etc are easily dealt with. The main reason for rejection is mixed gases.
  • Mixed gases cannot be reclaimed easily and usually not at all.
  • If you are going to look for credit DO NOT mix gases .
  • Mixing gases is not illegal, just not reclaimable.
  • If you overfill a cylinder there will be a charge, this is dangerous especially when shipping.

When starts ? Today!

Any gas taken back from today may have credits issued if suitable.

How much?

Different gases will have variable values going forward, some like R22 have no value at all now and must be destroyed. We will have a list by gas types with you within a few days.

Added Important Bonus from RSL

Any gas that has been reclaimed will be banked by RSL.

You will be entitled to purchase back up to 30% of the volume of each type returned by you.

Remember you can continue to use reclaimed R404A/507 until 2030.

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